About the 12-to-24

The 12-to-24 Collaborative is a network of 120 stakeholders/nonprofit youth-serving organizations in Frederick County, MD who have come together with the shared goal of enhancing outcomes for youth and emerging adults between the ages of 12 and 24, and a dedication to creating greater ease and access to services for our young community members.


To accomplish this, the 12-to-24 Collaborative has organized themselves into five key workgroups, each focusing on specific areas to help bring meaningful change, spark collaboration, and effectively move the needle on improving outcomes for young people in Frederick.

Group of racially diverse teens sitting together on steps and having fun.
Three diverse teens inviting other teens to join the Frederick Youth Council.

Establishment of a Youth Council

The Youth Council Workgroup will play a vital role in founding the interim youth council, creating youth-oriented programming, helping to design the Youth Hub building, influencing county-wide legislation that impacts youth, advocating on important issues, solving community problems, supporting and uplifting peers through mentoring, and positively impacting Frederick County.

Service Mapping & Navigation

Service Mapping Workgroup’s main purpose is drafting recommendations for the implementation of an online service mapping tool that young and emerging adults can use to find and access services, and that service providers can use for planning and collaboration. The Workgroup’s recommendations will include the type and format of mapping software, the elements to be included in the map, and its framework and governance so that the tool is continually updated and maintained. More than a stagnant website, this service map is envisioned to be an integral tool in creating and maintaining a continuum of care for 12 to 24 years old that will provide support and eliminate barriers to success and wellbeing.

Lady speaking with people in seats who are on their way to services.
Lady speaking with teens in a safe place, engaging them in conversation.

The Hub

The Hub Building Workgroup has been established with a clear set of objectives aimed at creating a dynamic and safe space for young and emerging adults within our community. This group will work with and engage with emerging adults, their families, and local service providers to gather input and feedback, ensuring that the youth center becomes a thriving hub that fosters personal growth, community engagement, workforce development, and well-being among our youth. Lastly, the Workgroup aims to develop a comprehensive plan for the construction and design of the youth center, ensuring that it meets the diverse needs and preferences of our emerging adult population.

Data Sharing & Analysis

The Data Sharing & Analysis Workgroup Data aims to improve collaboration and strategic alignment between youth-serving organizations. Sharing data will allow us to see where the needs of young and emerging adults are, and foster new collaborations across youth-serving organizations to better address them. This Workgroup is focused on drafting recommendations for what kinds of data will be shared across the 12-to-24 Collaborative.

Leader in meeting placing post-it notes on window to facilitate collaboration between youth-serving organizations and teens.
Workgroup page Polaroid image of people standing around a work table.

Workforce Development

The Workforce Development Workgroup is headed up by the City of Frederick through its participation in the Good Jobs, Great Cities Academy.  With technical assistance from the National League of Cities and the Department of Labor, the Workforce Development Workgroup is tasked to build a pipeline of support to help young and emerging adults build the skills they need to secure meaningful, gainful employment in the trades. Learn more about the initiatives of this Workgroup at the City of Frederick, Good Jobs, Great Cities page.


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